BOE Report Finance is a comprehensive, and easy to use tool to gather financial and operational data and information on every public oil and gas company in North America.

Though the site is extremely easy to navigate, here is a basic instruction list of tools easily available.

Upon logging into BOE Report Finance, users are first directed to the Dashboard screen. The Dashboard is the central portal to search for individual companies, keep track of user’s watchlist, and saved screens. There is also an advanced search component that allows users to set certain search parameters such as daily BOE production, market capitalization, and stock exchange preference.
From the Dashboard, after users select a company from the search bar they wish to learn more about, users are taken to a profile page. On this page, users can easily check out the latest figures pertaining to the company’s balance sheet, income statement, important metrics, netbacks, reserves, and much more. Easily, users can go back and forth from the menu on the page’s left side to view all of a company’s important financial and operational information.
Using the Screener Tool, users can compare and contrast key information ranging from employee count, to the amount of undrawn credit, to the total net developed acres. Doing so is very easy, as users simply enter in which company or companies they want to compare (by ticker symbol), and then enter what data points they wish to find out about. From there, users are able to save screens that they may wish to refer to in the future by the simple click of a button. These saved screens are organized nicely on the Dashboard.

Navigating the M&A Database can be done by deal status (announced, or closed), which country the deal took place in (Canada or the United States), deal type (asset, corporate, working interest etc.), BOE/d, or by using a general search bar. The default setting for the database is for all Canadian deals that have most recently taken place. Users wanting to learn more about a specific deal can click a drop down button that shows links to the press releases were the initial announcements were made to the public.

The Comparables tab gives users the option to compare oil companies on each of the following: Metrics (price/cash flow etc.), Netbacks, Production, and Reserves. Doing so for each is straightforward. Users simply enter in a range of values in a series of rows, and select which stock exchanges they wish to compare. From there a list of companies will instantaneously show up that fit the user’s search criteria.